Looking for new cheap car tyres in Armley and central Leeds? You can now browse through an entire range of available tyres, from budget to premium and specialist tyres and book your fitting date. Once booked, come along to Zombie Cars for perfectly fitted tyres. 

Tyres are one of the most fundamental components of your vehicle, it is essential that you have good quality tyres with the correct level of tread at all times. Being the only thing separating your vehicle from the road they are the foundation of your vehicles safety and performance.

Budget or Premium Tyre?

A common question we get asked is what is the difference between a budget and premium tyre and whether a budget tyre will do the job of a premium tyre.

The brief answer is that both types of tyre are made with different goals in mind. A budget tyre will be developed with a specific price point in mind, they are designed to be cheap and sold at a good margin. This is reflected in the quality of materials in the construction and the technologies used in their manufacture. What you are left with is a tyre that meets the legal minimum requirements to be sold in the UK but will often be less durable with little thought given to their overall performance.

A premium tyre however will have been developed with one thing in mind, to create the best tyre possible. As such high quality materials will be used and the latest technologies incorporated in their development and manufacture. What you are left with is a tyre created for performance and longevity, oftentimes very durable and resistant to the wear and tear of everyday driving.

Whilst either type of tyre can do the job, for the additional premium we believe there is no substitute for a premium tyre. Speak to our tyre experts on 0113 279 7099 for any questions.

A mechanic grabbing a tyre from stock - Tyres Armley

If you wish to contact us regarding which tyre would be best suited for your vehicle you can contact us in Armley on 0113 279 7099 or Contact us using our contact form.

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